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Certain people have begun to accuse the gasht done when normal everyday muslims go on jamaat as being a thing of innovation. May ALLAH guide us. The questioners perhaps are unawar of how this sytem works, perhaps they are unaware of what the truth behind this is, perhaps they are exhibiting their ignorance.

Firstly, issue that needs to be addressed is innovation. What is innovation, what isnt? Certain acts in religion which are taken to be PART of religion, which are given a rank of obligation, or compulsion when there is no such rank for it, then such an act is innovation. Certain acts which are perpertated and the ones who DO NOT engage in them , are looked down upon and abused, then such an act becomes innovation.

This will be illustrated.

The milah parties in theory are jaiz. If incidents relating to seerah are mentioned, if deen is mentioned, if ALLAH and Rasul salallahu alayhi wa sallam are mentioned. This much is alhamdulillah good.

The problem arisees when:

certain days are specified
non attendees are labelled as kafir
excessive spending on fairy lights and tinself for mosque
qawwali singing
drug taking

The milad is permitted act originally but it has been made into a part of religion, and is considered obligatory. Non Attendees are given dirrty swears from the pulpit and other anti sunnah activties take place as mentioned above.

Th 40 gasht is not like this. Firstly there is compulsion to go 40 days, ppl go for 3 days, 10 days, 14 days, half a day etc, 4 months, 1 year etc. There is no compulsion on any set time period. So this is not innovation.

No anti shariah or anti sunnah activities take place. No mixing, no singing, no dancing. Further no abuse is labelled on the people who dont attend, no one stands on the pulpit and calls the non attendees for teh gasht as dirrty kafirs who hate the Holy Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam.

The people who think the gasht is an innovation have not understood the deen. They have not understood what makes an act innovation, what the gasht actually entails, what it doesnt.

I have said what needs to be said, no doubtn others will have a comment and they are welcome. But I thought it best to address this accusation. Essentially the 40 day gasht is not made a part of compulsory religion, the milad and other festivals of the Ahlul Bid’ah are.

Those whom ALLAH guides, no1 can musguide, and those whom ALLAH misguides no1 can guide. and to ALLAH is our complaint